Starting your Garden

Resources will be at the bottom of this article. Have you ever read a gardening blog or watched a YouTube video on gardening and felt lost or overwhelmed? I can see why. I’ve been watching tons of YouTube videos and while most of the folks are super cool about explaining things as they go, some just use terms like super soil and never tell you what in the hell that means.

And I will try not to go on and on but let’s quickly talk about some terms that are thrown around willy nilly. Organic and all natural. In my humble opinion, those terms should be synonymous but they’re not and when I’m telling you what I’m doing, I’m going to be absolutely clear what is organic matter (shit that is an organism or has organisms like well shit, poo, dookey, vegetation, eggshell, coffee grounds etc.) There are “natural” fertilizers and there are synthetic. Every single thing is a chemical. Water…is a chemical so I’ll try not to use that word because I want to be as clear as I can be.

Where am I gonna grow this stuff?

I’m building raised garden beds.

I’m currently building raised garden beds because I have an ENORMOUS dog and I really don’t want to eat veggies that have been bathed in his urine. *Barf* Because my pooch is so tall I had to go with tall beds. However, you can do a raised bed that’s only 12 inches if you don’t have this issue. Why do a raised bed? If your soil is crap; if it’s rocky; if you’re not allowed to dig for whatever reason. If you have good soil then dig it up! How do you know if you have good soil? First, dig a shovel of dirt out. Is it really black? Do you see a lot of worms? Then you probably have decent soil. Raised beds area also easier to manage as far as weeds.

Most plants can be directly sown into the ground–this means you drop the seed in the dirt and covered it up. Seed is sown. Some plants are recommended to be started in starter trays. If this stresses you out, you can buy plants already started from many stores, hardware stores, garden stores, etc.

Where to get seeds

There are several resources to buy seeds. Most hardware stores carry them. Walmart and other big box stores carry them. If you’re listening to the CDC and keeping your hungry little booty home, you can also order almost everything you need online. (Resources at the end of this article.)

What else do I need?

Full Spectrum UV Lights

If you’re starting seeds indoors, you’ll need some grow lights. Yes, yes, even if you have the most awesome window ever, spring means several gloomy days. Your little veggie babies need some light.

Seedlings growing in seed trays

Some trays to start your little seeds. You can do this in solo cups, seed starting trays, or anything you can add a little drainage to. You can get cheap tubs at the dollar store, you can get food grade 5 gallon buckets, anything that will hold dirt. You’ll have to drill or poke big holes in the bottom of those containers so water doesn’t stand in them.

Alrighty, so I’m going to stop here and just give you some resources. I’m currently shooting video on making the raised beds. My next blog will give you ideas on what you can do, if you don’t have the same items I do.

Online Gardening Resources

First – you need to know what zone you’re in and what your planting times are. A great resource is the farmer’s almanac. It’s such a valuable resource that will tell you when to plant, harvest, what fertilizer to use, etc.

For gardening tips AND seeds, head on over to the Urban Farmer

Seed Trays – Burpee – on Amazon

Grow Lights on Amazon

16,500 Non GMO Heirloom Seeds on Amazon Now they are running a bit behind on shipping due to the COV-19 issue but heirloom seeds truly are amazing. Non GMO is just truer to nature. Hybrid seeds are just fine. We’re trying to grow you food here, not sell produce. But you stick with what makes you feel safe and happy. You can get seeds locally, and that’s fine too.

A very cool seed store This is a Michigan company.

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